Mission Statement

       Our mission is to challenge the ideal perception of beauty and style by incorporating street and fashion styles. Social media influences our view of ourselves and our appearance. While we encourage women to engage in makeup, beauty and all things glamorous to consider the impact and purpose. We are Not saying put an end to social media or its influence but to consider how you can be a leader an influencer setting your own trends and being wonderfully you!

We want you to be your own iDol. Additionally, we all want to be dolls but lets be an iDoll.

We at iDoll Perception strive to promote diversity and to hopefully be able to develop scholarships, mentor and leadership opportunities for women. In order to do so, a portion of our profits will directly go to building this. Currently we are developing relationships within various communities in order to fulfil this mission.

If you or someone you know is interested in assisting us fulfil our mission Please email us at info@idollperception.com